Kim Yaffa Entertainment Consulting can assist with tour management, tour coordination, advancing of shows, rider negotiation, transportation and hotel scheduling.

Rider Negotiation

The rider details everything which is supplied for the event. It can include technical specifications, stage plot, hospitality and similar negotiable items.


Advancing is the process of contacting each promoter/venue to ensure your artist’s technical and hospitality requirements are understood and will be met.

As part of advancing, it’s important to verify contact names and addresses, arrival times, equipment load in times, sound check and performance times, any supporting/opening acts, curfews and any logistical information.

Advancing a show will reduce miscommunication or common problems such as incorrect venue addresses, limited physical access to venues, other events and equipment.

Transportation/Hotel Scheduling

To assist the Tour Manager, Kim Yaffa Entertainment Consulting can coordinate hotels and transportation between the venues and the hotels. The tour manager can then ensure that departures and arrivals are coordinated and communicated to the artist, band and crew.